Why to Consider a Sunday Wedding

Sunday weddings are becoming more and more popular! It is now trendy to create more of an experience for your guest on your  wedding day and what better way to do that than to host a Sunday Funday wedding. From creating full weekend long celebrations to having a brunch buffet there are so many benefits to a Sunday Wedding - let's get into them!



By booking a Sunday wedding, you will be send less onthe venue rental, compared to a Saturday date. Not to mention you can capitalize on the very popular, Sunday brunch! Brunch weddings are a great way to stick to your budget. Brunch menu items tend to be cost less in comparison to a multi-course dinner. Many couples also opt for pre-selected speciality drinks versus having a full open bar.

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One of the most fun parts of a Sunday wedding is the fun catering options! Throw in a bloody mary or mimosa bar or maybe chicken and waffles! And let's be honest - who doesn't love brunch food? Here are some creative ideas to elevate your brunch:


- Yogurt parfait bar

- Donut or breakfast dessert display

- Waffle cake with topping station



Typically there are more Sunday options open, when you are looking for a wedding date. This gives you the ability to pick the time of year you want without competing with others for those popular Saturday dates, allowing you to get married in your dream venue during your ideal time of year. You will also be able to secure your perfect wedding day vendors because they aren’t already booked.



A Sunday wedding also gives you the opportunty to try something new with your wedding style. Sunday provides the option to have your guests dress more casual. Don't be afraid to have your bridal party dress in florals or pastels to match the brunch theme!



You could host a pre-wedding welcome celebration the Saturday before as most guests will be free. This is also nice for guests coming from out of town as it allows them more time to travel over the weekend.



If you aren’t into the dancing part of the wedding, this gives you a great option to remove it. Host a brunch style wedding starting closer to 11 AM and end the event around dinner time.


With Bavaria Downs, the options are endless. At both the Edward Anne Estate and Equestria West, Sunday weddings turn into the perfect romantic, whimsical setting. 

Sample Brunch Timeline

7:00 am  |  Wedding Party Arrives


7:05 am  |  Rehearsal (20-30 minutes)


9:00 am  |  First Look, followed by all other photos


11:00 am  |  Guest Arrival, Wedding Party hidden in Suites


11:30 am  |  Ceremony (est. 30 minutes)


12:00 pm  |  Social Hour


12:45 pm  |  Cake Cutting


1:00 pm  |  Guests Invited to be Seated for Meal


1:15 pm  |  Guests Seated, Grand March: DJ to Coordinate, Welcome by TBD


1:30 pm  |  Meal Service Begins


2:45 pm  |  DJ Invites Guests for Dessert/Coffee


3:00 pm  |  First Dance, followed by Parents Dances & Open Dance Floor


5:00 pm  |  Optional Evening Snack


6:30 pm  |  Last Call for Bar


7:00 pm  |  Event Concludes, Guests Depart


8:00 pm  |  Venue Premises Closed