Stacey & Trey: A Timeless Wedding at The Edward Anne Estate

In the gentle glow of a summer evening, Stacey and Trey sneak off to share a moment that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. With the sun dipping below the horizon, they pause on the Bavaria Downs road, stealing a kiss as they celebrate their new life together. This snapshots, full of warmth and the soft promise of future joys, sets the stage for a wedding story that's as beautiful as it is timeless. Join us as we unfold the chapters of their special day!


The bridal suite at The Edward Anne Estate buzzed with excitement as Stacey prepared to reveal her bridal look to her closest friends. The moment was intimate, filled with the kind of anticipation that makes one's heart flutter.


As her bridesmaids, dressed in their elegant black gowns, turned around to catch the first glimpse of Stacey in her wedding dress, the room burst into a symphony of awe and admiration. Their reactions were a mix of joyous laughter and teary eyes — a true testament to the bond they shared.


In this haven of happiness, surrounded by the rustic charm of the estate’s bridal suite, the first look became more than just a tradition; it was a shared memory that would be cherished for a lifetime!


For cocktail hour, D'Amico Catering prepared Espresso Martinis with the couple's monogram for a tasty and creative start to the celebration.


Over the years decorative and unique seating charts have become a trendy way to get your guests excited about the evening. Stacey and Trey used a vintage mirror to display organized lists of all their favorite people. They added a final touch by attaching each list with wax stamps.


The wedding cake is a timeless vision, with smooth ivory tiers adorned by a cascade of white roses. The couple's initials "S&T" add a personalized touch to the classic design, making it a perfect centerpiece for Stacey and Trey's reception.


Stacey and Trey exchaged vows beneath a chic floral-draped gazebo. To keep the floral theme, Stacey carried a gorgeous bouquet of white roses and even had custom bags filled with petals for the exit down the isle. Could it get more perfect? With lake-side views and summer sun, Stacey and Trey's guests had almost as much fun as the couple themselves!


Effortlessly stylish and brimming with excitement, Stacey and Trey's wedding party were the epitome of friendship and fun. The bridesmaids, in their sleek black dresses, shared a laughter-filled moment with Stacey. Their bouquets of white roses were a chic contrast to their dresses, perfect for the modern wedding vibe. On the flip side, Trey and his groomsmen looked dapper in classic black tuxedos, embodying the timeless charm of the occasion.


Together, this group wasn’t just a wedding party; they were the ultimate squad, bringing life to every photo with their vivacious energy and unmistakable bond.


Stacey and Trey truly embraced the picturesque Edward Anne Estate for their wedding day photos! The couple found romance at every turn, from the serene hillside to the charming fountain, creating timeless memories. Stacey, radiant in her second dress, added an extra touch of glamour to the lush surroundings.


Their affectionate interlude on the estate's vintage leather couch was a celebration of comfort and joy, a true reflection of their relationship. And of course, the day wouldn't be complete without some cuddles from their adorable four-legged friend. These precious moments captured more than just smiles; they encapsulated the essence of a day filled with love, laughter, and the beauty of the Edward Anne Estate.


As the sun dipped below the horizon, the reception of Stacey and Trey's wedding unfolded into a night that was the very definition of enchantment. The Edward Anne Estate transformed into a haven of soft, draping fabrics and warm, glowing lights. Their reception space was a vision of classic elegance, with tables draped in white and crowned with cascading bouquets.


The newlyweds swayed to their first dance on a floor glistening with the reflections of a setting sun, framed by the dramatic MR & MRS floral display, adding a modern twist to the timeless tradition. And as the evening wore on, a live painter put the finishing touches on their gorgeous ceremony scene.