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As you drive into Equestria West, you’l feel as if you entered the hallowed grounds of the Kentucky Derby. White washed beams and regal cupolas are surrounded with winding white fences and well manicured walkways, and flowering trees surrounding the perimeter. Say farewell to the ordinary, with this rustic yet refined venue. Capture the romance and adventure of this enchanting property.


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The large ballroom is a 10,000 square foot masterpiece that will make an indellable impression. It’s just gorgeous. Nicely appointed light wells and clear, story windows surrounding the permitter, allow natural light to grace the entire ballroom. Old world plaster walls and white washed wood beams are hand tailored rusts-luxe at its finest.


Expansive windows, set a midst the limestone wall on the north end, give way to short and long views of meadows, wetlands and old oak forest. Collar ties on the ceiling give it a barn impression, without all the drawbacks. Strong accents throughout the ballroom and European Bistro Crossback chair are perfect for any style of event.


At night, light wells act as beacons and refined chandeliers truly shimmer…the effect is enchantment. In a few short words, Equestria West is proud to present an artistically inspired five star ballroom designed to set apart.



The Countryside (Bride's) Suite is grace, comfort and refinement rolled into one. This spacious suite features soft white colors with subtle aqua accents and plush well-curated furniture.


It boasts a private tuscan garden, reminiscent of the south of France. The outside oasis features a cement bench, flagstone walkway, planted herbs, buttermilk walls with moss, and antique doors allowing the bride to make a grand entrance into the courtyard for the exchanging of vows.


Last but not least, the opulent textures make for a “to-die-for” photo backdrop. European inspired, formal, yet rustic…can you say amazing?

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Your guests will be greeted with Equestrian sophistication. The reception area boasts lots of natural wood accents, and white washed pieces.


A light an airy space with an amazing view of the courtyard is the centerpiece. You’ll appreciate the rustic, yet very clean space, that can be easily converted from rustic to formal.


With its fireplace, handmade leather benches, weathered greywood sofas and antique bronze crystal chandeliers with sparcely spaced prisms you’ll appreciate the eloquence distilled to its essence…elegantly rustic.



The Club (Groom’s) suite is of rare and distinctive character. It’s best described as a cross between men’s hangout space, polo club and European pub. Old polo trophies, dark wood and deep tones, give it a signature look.


With worn leather club chairs and card tables, the guys will have a place truly there own. This handsome suite would not be complete of course without its attached outside cigar smoking lounge, a true attention getter.

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You and your guests will enjoy the beautiful outdoor ceremony or cocktail area. It's an oasis set apart located between the two ballrooms.