• 2020 has been an amazing year in many respects, but as we are all well aware, it has also been a year full of challenging circumstances. Weddings are magical events, a time for togetherness with family, friends, fun, and community.  COVID-19 has been challenging those circumstances, but with creative solutions and a sprinkling of patience, weddings at Bavaria Downs have not only been able to continue but are turning out to be even more memorable than initially planned.

  • We are loving the way that millennial couples are changing what weddings look like in 2020. Not stressing about the age-old traditions as much and incorporating their own style and personalities is making for some genuinely remarkable weddings. And when it comes to the cocktail hour, they are blowing the roof off the stuffy, awkward, traditional stuff we are used to. Here some unbelievable, interactive, and creative ways you can snaz up your 2020 wedding cocktail hour.