A luxurious ranch? Yes my dear, it does exist.

What do an entrepreneurial company with deep roots in the hair-care industry, the land-down-under of amazing Australia, and a ranch concept that fuses the old-west with a thoroughly modern vibe, have in common?  They all come together in a magical place called The Redmond Estate.

If there ever was a place that epitomized the word ‘eclectic’, The Redmond Estate is that place, and it’s a joy to see no matter where your roots may lie.  To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, close your eyes and picture a southern-style mansion straight out of Gone With the Wind  fused with the Ponderosa Ranch from the revered hit TV show Bonanza.  Pretty wild, yes?

The Redmond Estate bills itself as the first ever ‘Rusti-Luxe’ wedding venue, a fusion of rustic and luxurious that you really have to experience at least once in your life because it’s simply spectacular.

The owners are a certain couple (who wish to remain nameless) that made it big in the hair-care industry, with a world-renowned brand known for world-class ingredients.  That penchant for world-class can easily be seen everywhere you look.  From the gorgeous grand ballroom to the stone fireplace façades, the rustic-elegant oil lamps and the magnificent hardwood floors, everything here is truly world-class and made to impress.

The Cartwrights would have loved this place, no doubt, and would easily have been able to expand their family much bigger with all the space they’d find here at The Redmond Estate.  To start with, there’s 8000 square feet of indoor space for guests to mingle, dance and simply gawk at the beautifully designed interiors.  For the bride, 3000 square feet of awesome awaits, enough for her and as many bridesmaids as she might see fit to help her get ready for the big day.  The groom isn’t left out either, with another 2000 square feet for he and his mates to get ready, have a cigar and toast his last day of freedom.

Now, while Redmond Estate may look like it was shipped here straight from the old west, don't be fooled, because they’ve packed enough 21st century technology into this place to make even the most hardcore geek squeal with excitement.  The includes a top-of-the-line digital music and surround-sound system that will have guests dancing and partying until the wee-hours of the morning. 

With seating for 400, indoor as well as outdoor cocktail rooms and, of course, the rest of Bavaria Downs as a backdrop, Redmond Estate is a dream come true for anyone interested in getting hitched with a big dose of western style mixed with all the modern amenities.