Where classic elegance and old-timey rustic meet.

270 acres is a lot of space, to say the least.  I spent a big portion of my day at Bavaria Downs just walking the trails and taking in the natural, unspoiled beauty.  But, as a lover of that classic look and rustic, old-timey charm, they saved the best for last!

That would be Equestria, the 2nd of 3 venues here that hosts weddings, parties and other fantastic functions.  If you’ve ever been to the Kentucky Derby you’ll have a very good idea of what this wonderful location has to offer, with a mix of traditional elegance and back-woods rustic glamour that, surprisingly, works like a charm.

If you’re lucky enough to host your wedding and reception at Equestria you’ll have an amazing palette with which to plan your nuptials. String lights everywhere would be the order of the day and, with the prerequisite horses and carriages, you could make the Kentucky Derby scene without the fuss or mess.  Bring your top-hats and tails if you like, or go for a more modern celebration, both will fit just fine here at Equestria and leave your guests feeling giddy with excitement and cozier than a (faux) bear-skin rug.

Like Redmond Estate, everyone who comes to celebrate at Equestria will also have access to Bavaria Downs, one of the most beautiful, natural settings in this part of the country, with outdoor activities that will most definitely keep everyone happy.  Indoors you’ll be able to seat up to 400 of your closest friends and family, with modern amenities in a rustic setting that’s truly a sight to see. Outdoors would be wonderful too and, since Equestria is open year-round, you could even do a Christmas celebration here and have a snow-covered blast (while still staying tasty ward indoors).

Last thought and musings about one of my new favorite places.

When I was invited to Bavaria Downs I was a little skeptical, to be sure, wondering just what I might find so close to Minneapolis, a city known for its snow and cold but (no offense) not as much for it’s elegance and charm.

What I found was a complete surprise, even to an old, jaded writer like me; paradise north.

Bavaria Downs is a true diamond in the rough, with Redmond Estate and Equestria adding to the brilliance (and a new, 3rd location, Arboreta, slated to open in the next 1 to 2 years and add a touch of modern elegance). The combination of this natural setting with old and new world charms was a real delight for me, a shock to my system that woke my dulled senses and showed me that, yes, there are locations this far north of the equator that are a delight to see and experience.

I hope that I’ll be lucky enough to come back here when an actual wedding is taking place or, for that matter, any type of celebration.  They’re going to host them all, from Holiday parties to corporate shindigs, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, you name it.

If you’re the lucky recipient of an invitation to any event hosted here, I urge you to take full advantage of the opportunity and take in everything before you leave, because when you do you’ll have the feeling you’ve been and seen something truly special.  No matter which venue you visit, there’s something here that will delight you, I promise.  Modern, rustic, old west, deep woods nature, conservancy, you name it.

I can’t think of a place I’ve seen in the last few years that left such an indelible  impression on me, and I look forward to the day when I’m invited back.