Wedding Décor That Won’t Break The Bank

Wedding’s aren’t cheap. We all know that, but that shouldn’t cause your vision to suffer. One area where cost can sneak up on you is décor. 


But, there are ways you can save money in this area so the money you would have spent there can be used elsewhere. All-inclusive venues like Bavaria Downs save you the headache of having to find and buy (or rent) things like chargers, lanterns, table numbers, and other items needed to have your tables look just like you pictured in your head. 

Lexi and Brent took advantage of what this venue has to offer. They added things such as flowers in bud vases to give a personal touch and enhance their centerpieces. By using lanterns, table numbers and charges that were included in their package, this freed up money for other the gazebo on the property. Which, hello, is gorgeous and a wow factor for any wedding

A gold charger sits on a white tablecloth with two forks to the left of the plate and two knives to the right. There is a black napkin with a name tag on top of the plate.
Two bud vases with pink flowers surround a tarnished gold lantern along with mixed fruit decor.
On a white table cloth sits a vase filled with pink and red flowers. Next to it is a pale gold frame with a table number inside.
Tables are set up for a reception with white tablecloths, gold chargers, lanterns and other decor items.
A pale gold frame with a table number inside, gold lantern and bud vases with red and pink flowers sit on top of a white tablecloth.

Besides being cost effective, all-inclusive venues help make your wedding sustainable. Who doesn’t love that? 

There is no limit to how much you can mix and match the included décor items to fit your vision. Give us a call to learn more about our all-inclusive packages

Imagery provided by: Alexandra Robyn Photo